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Every week on Friday, 9 April, 2021 at 9 AM
Jacqueline Martin

Xchngí7n, slhtálengexw i7 kw selí7

Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit 

Connecting to better trust our hearts, our minds, our intuitions, the senses of our bodies, and the blessings of our spirit.  Joining, in trust, to enter a sacred space, to love, and to live beyond our fears.  To walk with the confidence of who we were created to be knowing that each day is a new beginning.

One full hour led by a certified yoga instructor to get you up, moving, and connecting breath and body.
This class is for all levels of persons offering modifications and 'advanced' options.
Jacqueline has been teaching yoga for five years with various types to fit all bodies.

Recommended for class: yoga mat or towel that won't slip, strap/neck tie/long sock, yoga block/stack of small books that won't fall over/small box that won't collapse.  None of these items are required but may make some adjustments easier (or harder if that is what you are looking for). 

This class is open to all Samish citizens and programs.

Due to the physical nature of this group, it is encouraged that your cameras remain ON so that Jacqueline may be able to give proper guidance and assist in any adjustments.