A historical photograph of sailing canoes in Fidalgo Bay.


The mission of the Samish Archives is to obtain and preserve records and artifacts relevant to Samish History and Culture.

The Archives Program maintains, preserves, and protects Samish collections according to professional and Samish Indian Nation standards. The Samish Archives contains significant historical information comprising a valuable resource that impacts nearly every Samish program and member. The community, tribal members, and students are able to conduct research in many areas: tribal history, genealogy, archaeology, and photographs.

The Archives Program accepts donations of documents, photographs, educational materials, audio records, archaeological artifacts, and other materials that relate to the history and culture of the Samish Indian Nation. Please contact the Archives Program if you have information pertaining to Samish history and culture, or if you would like to donate items. All materials considered for donation will be evaluated to determine eligibility for inclusion in the collections.