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Vocational Rehabilitation

We help people identify their strengths, prepare for jobs, and achieve and maintain employment.

To Qualify:

  • Have a disability that is holding you back from getting and keeping a job.
  • Be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe.
  • Live in our 5 county service area.  Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom, Island, or San Juan County.
  • Have the desire to work.

Contact us today if you or someone you know might be interested in making an appointment to meet with a counselor.

Goal statement

Operate a culturally appropriate Vocational Rehabilitation program that will provide services to American Indians/Alaskan Natives with disabilities who reside in the Samish Indian Nation’s service delivery area, consistent with their individual strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, and informed choices, so that they may prepare for and engage in gainful employment, including self-employment, telecommuting, and business ownership.

Services we can provide to help gain employment (partial list)

  • Career counseling
  • Job training
  • Provide specialized equipment
  • Medical appointments
  • Interpreters for the deaf
  • Referral to mental health services
  • Referral to drug & alcohol services
  • Job placement services
  • Job retention services
  • Cultural awareness & healing

Samish Vocational Rehabilitation provides and supports traditional healers, spiritual counseling and other culturally related activities that support Native Americans in their employment goals.

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