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Purchased & Referred Care

Enrolled members of the Samish Indian Nation whose permanent residence is within a ten county region (Whatcom, Skagit, Kitsap, Snohomish, King, Island, San Juan, Pierce, Jefferson and Clallam) are eligible for Purchased and Referred Care Services. In order to access this assistance, clients must register with the PRC office, and abide by the Samish PRC program guidelines. In general, PRC may pay for physician and other health professional services, dental services, prescriptions, vision care, physical therapy, hearing aids and mental health services.

Vision, Dental, and Orthodontics Coverage Increases

The Samish Council has recently expanded the coverage amounts for vision, dental, and orthodontics, effective March 1, 2015.

  •  For vision, each person is allotted $500 per calendar year, for exam and corrective hardware.
  •  For dental, each person is allotted $3,000 per calendar year
  •  For orthodontics, each person is allotted $7,000 (previously $5,000) per lifetime, for evaluations, x-rays, models, etc.

These increases are all effective March 1, 2015 and per IHS regulations, no refunds for out-of-pocket expenses prior to these increase will be granted. If you have already reached your limit in any of these service categories, you will be able to access the difference between the previous limitation and the new increase.

If you are in need of accessing these services, please contact Purchased and Referred Care.

Direct Care Services
For those members who live outside of the ten county service delivery area, the hospitals and clinics of the Indian Health Services are available for services, often at no cost to you. However, the Indian Health Service facilities cannot always provide a full range of health care services. A referral by an Indian Health facility to a non-Indian Health facility does not constitute a commitment by the IHS or any tribal program to pay for any services.

Click here for more information about locating an Indian Health Service Area Office or facility near you.