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34th Street Xwch’ángteng Housing Project

Updated March 24, 2021

34th-vicinityThe Samish Indian Nation is planning to construct its first village housing project on its 2-acre parcel at 2109 34th Street in Anacortes.

The Samish Indian Nation will retain ownership of the parcel; it will not be subdivided. The development will be managed by the Tribe through an on-site manager.

Project Goals

Samish’s goal is to achieve a community for its elderly, disabled, and low-income citizens. All 14 of the units will be affordable per federal definitions. All units will be ADA-ready or adaptable.

At a Glance


The development is still being designed and parameters may change, but at the current stage of design, the housing development will consist of:

  • 14 two-bedroom cottages
    • approximately 1000 sf living space
    • 300 sf carport with parking in front
  • 1000 sf community building with second-floor apartment for the on-site manager
  • playground for use by residents

Community Design

Consistent with the Anacortes’s cottage housing regulations, the cottages will be clustered around common open spaces with front porches facing the open space. We’ll also build:

  • Central multi-modal access road (aka “a woonerf”) that extends east from 34th Street
  • Upgrades to 34th Street to city specifications (curb, gutter, sidewalk, street parking)
  • Split-rail fence around wetland buffer on south property line with a sight-obscuring fence around remainder of parcel
  • Preserve mature trees on south side of parcel

The following site plan was approved by the City of Anacortes on March 17, 2021:

Parking and Street Improvements

The project, which will be permitted under City of Anacortes code, includes onsite resident and guest parking that meets Anacortes code requirements.

The project will include a central multi-modal access lane ( “woonerf”) from 34th Street eastward and a hammerhead turnaround for garbage trucks and emergency vehicles at the far east side of the property.

Pavement and sidewalks along 34th Street between the project and D Avenue will be installed, per City requirements, as part of the project.

Environmental Design

Each cottage will be built on-site with a focus on longevity and environmental sensitivity. They’ll include:

  • Durable building materials (e.g., cement board)
  • LED, dark-sky-compliant lighting
  • Heat pump heating and cooling
  • No natural gas
  • Food/yard waste bins
  • Native plantings, tree retention, wetland buffer enhancement

The grounds and landscaping will be maintained by the Samish Indian Nation, not residents. Samish is also studying options and feasibility of transit for residents and others to groceries and medical services.

Environmental Review

The project was reviewed through an Environmental Assessment under the National Environmental Policy Act published October 18, 2019. A Category IV wetland on the south border of the property will be protected with a native planted buffer and a split-rail fence. Stormwater will be managed per Anacortes and Department of Ecology requirements. Existing mature trees will be preserved along the east side of the property to comply with Anacortes tree retention requirements.


  • Neighborhood Meeting February 20, 2020
  • Applied for City of Anacortes site plan review August 10, 2020 (link to City of Anacortes permit file)
  • City of Anacortes approved site plan application March 17, 2021
  • Going out to bid in fall 2021
  • Site work expected early 2022
  • Construction in early 2022
  • Occupation end of 2022

For More Information

Leslie Eastwood, Samish Indian Nation General Manager
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